Terms and Conditions (GTC)

The guest pays 30% of the total price as prepayment after the reservation. And a further 40% of the total price in the 60 days prior to arrival.

Contract rescission/cancellation

The guest has the right to rescind from the contract at all times before travel commences by informing Hevals Grand Apartments of rescission from the contract. The rescission needs to be in writing. The lessor can rescind from the contract up to 28 days before travel commences.
Cancellations without charge (apart from the service fee) are, regardless of booking date, possible in principle if these are received by Hevals Grand Apartments at the latest four weeks before the booked date of arrival in writing.
Exception clauses are agreed upon in writing with the guest by the lessor immediately after receiving the reservation confirmation.
If a reservation is cancelled less than four weeks before the guest’s arrival date, Hevals Grand Apartments will attempt to use the available accommodation otherwise. If this is not possible, the lessor is entitled to demand compensation from the guest due to default in accordance with § 651 BGB.

The cancellation is processed by the lessor. If no other cancellation policy of the lessor applies, the following is valid. The cancellation compensation in case of no-show is as follows relative to the price per night in EURO:

till 28 days 0 %
from 27 days 20 %
from 15 days 40 %
from 10 days 60 %
from 5 days 80 %
from 4 days 100 %

In case of cancellation after booking, the guest shall pay 30% of the total price and a further 40% of the total price in case this cancellation takes place in the period of 60 days before arrival.

Hevals Grand Apartments reserves the right to cancel bookings if payments are not received.

The consumption of alcohol and smoking are strictly prohibited in our domain.